Details of planned beheading of US soldier, attack on police released in court

21-year-old Munir Abdulkader of West Chester, Ohio allegedly planned to behead a local soldier and videotape it. Police say he then planned to use an AK-47, that he bought in a parking lot in May 2015, to open fire on police officers.

Back in 2014, Abdulkader started showing support for ISIS online. One of his tweets read: “Instead of wanting me to be a Shaheed, [my parents] want me to be a chemist… may Allah guide us!” ‘Shaheed’ in Arabic means Muslim martyr.

After his arrest in 2015, it was revealed in court documents that Abdulkader had initially planned to go to Syria to join ISIL as a fighter. He later changed his mind, however, following several high-profile arrests of people who were travelling overseas to join the terrorist group. He decided instead to plan an attack at home, officials said.

Capt. Mike Hartzler with the Greater Cincinnati Fusion Center says, “Radicalized individuals come in all shapes and sizes and they are all over the United States.”

Abdulkader reportedly shared his thoughts with a prominent member of ISIS overseas, WLWT reported.  Abdulkader wrote: “Make sure the soldier was in Iraq or Afghanistan.”      ISIL gave him pictures and personal information about the military member and Abdulkader reportedly responded, “He’s the one.”

Following the beheading of the soldier, Abdulkader was then going to wear his uniform to a Cincinnati police station, engage officers there and “fight to the death.”  It’s unclear which police dept. was the intended target for his attack.

The member of ISIL that Abdulkader was reportedly corresponding with has since died in an airstrike, the local NBC station reported.

Abdulkader has since pleaded guilty to a number of charges, including attempting to murder government employees. Prosecutors in the case are recommending 25 years in prison. Sentencing is scheduled for this Friday.

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