Desperate search underway for missing radioactive material believed to be in hands of ISIS

Government officials have disclosed that radioactive material stored in a case the size of a laptop disappeared from a storage facility near the city of Basra- in southern Iraq -back in November. Security officials say there was no sign of any forced entry at the facility, so those responsible may have known what they were doing.

The Reuters report comes on the heels of news that ISIS has chemical weapons that they’re using  against the Kurds on the battlefield in northern Iraq.

The “highly dangerous” material –used to test flaws in pipelines– was owned by Istanbul- based SGS Turkey.  According to environmental ministry officials in Iraq, the device “contained up to 10 grams of Ir-192 capsules – a radioactive isotope of iridium used to treat cancer.”

When Ir-192 vanished in the past, in the US and abroad, it raised concerns about a “dirty bomb.”

With ISIS looking for a fresh, new story angle to fuel their propaganda machine, experts say a dirty bomb attack would be major news — with the possibility of radiation exposure and the potential for many casualties.

In another development this week, the U.S. Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper confirmed that ISIS “manufactured and deployed” mustard gas in Iraq and  Syria. Clapper revealed the information during testimony before the Senate Armed Services Committee.

ISIS is now in at least eight countries–  Yemen, Pakistan, and India included– however, Libya remains the cornerstone to their expansion.

Members of Congress have said that “imminent action” by the administration is expected in Libya–in the form of drone strikes against ISIS leadership– sources tell Fox news.

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