A Wisconsin Army National Guardsman who previously deployed to the Arizona-Mexico border over the summer has been charged with one count of assault after he inappropriately touched a female guardsman during a “massage train.”

In charges filed by the Nogales City Court on Wednesday, 23-year-old Blake Jonathan Raymond was charged with assault/unlawful touching, a Class 3 misdemeanor.

Raymond has been with the Wisconsin National Guard since at least four years. The Super Telegram reported his deployment to Afghanistan with the 950th Engineer Company in 2014.

Nogales Police believe that seven members of the Wisconsin Army National Guard -who deployed to Arizona over the summer- were hanging out at a local hotel when they decided to perform a ‘massage train” on each other’s shoulders.

Raymond reportedly got too enthusiastic when performing a massage on his female comrade, and the victim claimed he attempted to touch her breasts.

Another Soldier reportedly saw Raymond attempt to slide his fingers into the victim’s bikini bottom, causing the soldier to question his behavior.

“Raymond, what the (expletive) are you doing?” the Soldier said, according to notes from the investigating officer.

Raymond claims he was being led to “further interaction” and denied touching the woman inappropriately.

“He sent (the victim) a message via Snapchat social media inviting her to his room, however she never responded, so he went to sleep,” the officer wrote in his report.

The victim reportedly felt uncomfortable and uneasy by Raymond’s actions, though she was hesitant to report the incident.

An NCO in charge of the group was allegedly so disturbed by the incident that he moved the female guardsmen to another hotel, in order to prevent further physical interaction.

According to Nogales International, Raymond has been summoned appear at Nogales City Court on the assault/unlawful touching charge on December 19. He faces up to one year in jail and a $500 fine.

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