Deployed soldier says a “majority” are cheating on spouses, can hear it through the walls

A female servicemember went on a rant about how men and women seem happy to cheat on their significant others during deployments- and how the affection ends on the plane ride home.

“Eboni Elexis” spoke heavy-handedly of the imbalanced ratio of men to women in the Army and how Soldiers are almost excited to deploy, as it offers them opportunities to sleep around on their spouses.

“People are actually excited about going on deployment,” she said. “Like [cheating] is one of the exciting factors.”

She also spoke of how less-than-attractive servicewomen are treated to a wide cadre of male partners while downrange, only to be cast aside when they return to the US.

“This one dude…he had messed around with this girl the whole time during a deployment,” she recalled. “When they got on the plan to go back, he told her..’Yeah, five more hours until you ugly again.’”

“It’s very eye-opening to me,” she added.

Eboni went on to say that in the location she’s deployed in, the clinics don’t seem to discourage sexual activity, as they always have condoms available.

“There is someone out there promoting it,” she said.

Eboni concluded by saying that if you’re deployed and a man or woman says they’re single or separated, they’re probably lying.

“It’s a lie,” she said. “It’s all a lie.”

It is not clear where exactly she was deployed but it occurred sometime last year.

The full video about her deployment can be viewed on YouTube.

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