Deployed Army mail clerk says he’s ready for ISIS, brought his taser from “the ghetto”

A US Army Soldier in the 1st Armored Division thought it would be a good idea to make a video for his YouTube channel from a bunker in Afghanistan.

PV2 Simpson of the 1st AD video logged his first combat deployment, much to the joy of his 108 subscribers.

With a magazine inserted in his weapon but wearing no helmet or armor, Simpson talked about how he went to Fort Jackson for Basic Training.

“That was a really rough time for me,” he said, noting that he struggled with passing physical fitness tests.

Having just eaten lunch and claiming he felt tired, Jackson filmed his vlog entry on his phone, hoping he could upload it to the internet later.

Given his weapon’s ready status, Jackson appears to be on guard duty in the bunker. However, he claims he chose the bunker as not to give away information about his location.

Jackson explained that he is a Human Resources Specialist, which he admitted was not as “hard” as it was “thankless.”

PT tests still seem to be a challenge for Jackson, who said he has to pass one in order to make Private First Class.

When not deployed, Jackson is stationed at Fort Bliss, Texas.

“A lot of Hispanics,” he said. “I’m used to Hispanics.”

“El Paso is like little Mexico,” he added.

One thing that worries Jackson is that the weather is getting warmer, which means that the Taliban will start fighting harder- something he claims he learned back home in “the ghetto.”

“Y’all know in the black culture, if y’all ever lived in the ghetto or the hood,” he said. “When s**t start getting warm, s**t start getting crackin’.”

Despite this, the HR Specialist claims he’s combat ready.

“I’m ready for that s**t,” he said, hefting his M4. “I always stay with this, I got my magazine.”

The private then pulled out a stun gun, which he reportedly carried daily back home in Columbus, Ohio.

“I always got my baby,” he said.

Then again, the hardest part of his job so far is being the primary mail clerk.

Jackson is currently on a nine-month deployment to Afghanistan and hopes to buy a Jeep Wrangler or Mercedes Benz when he gets back.

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