Delta Force operator reveals details about Saddam Husein’s capture for the first time

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A retired US Special Operations soldier is revealing all about the capture of former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein, including a snarky line delivered to the former leader of Iraq.

Retired US Army Master Sergeant Kevin Holland, who recently spoke with former Navy SEAL Jack Carr on his “Danger Close” podcast, stated that the Iraqis had told the Americans where Hussein was.

Kevin Holland (circled) after the capture of Saddam Hussein

“We had some human intel that showed us exactly where it was,” he said. “They had a big Styrofoam plug they’d put in and then cover it with leaves and dirt, sand, and it had a pipe for air. [We] just dug it away, pulled it up, and sand fell in.”

When Saddam emerged from the meme-worthy spider hole, Holland claimed he the former dictator was armed with a “Glock 18,” a fully automatic version of the pistol.

Holland claims former President Bush has the pistol now.

“Hands come out of the hole, and then a big bushy head of hair,” he said. “We grab him and jerk him out, and it’s like, ‘Holy cow, it’s him’.”

Upon seeing him, a man named “Big Texan” reportedly hit him in the mouth.

“He nails him in the mouth, knocks him down – he’s got a gun, he’s armed,” Holland recounted.

Holland and others secured Hussein and later spoke to him about his predicament.

“[Saddam] just said he’s the President of Iraq and he was ready to negotiate,” Holland said while laughing.

“He said that in English,” he added. “We were like that times passed brother.”

“One of the guys told him, well President Bush sends his regards,” Holland said.

Hussein was captured in December of 2003 and was executed in December of 2006.

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