College grant writer says soldiers killed overseas died for nothing, says his uncle served in Vietnam so he “knows”

Jerrod A. Laber (George Mason University)

A foreign policy contributor and grant writer for a university thinks he has a footing to stand on when it comes to deciding whether or not US troops killed in the Global War on Terror “died for nothing”- all because he had family who fought in Vietnam.

George Mason University Institute for Humane Studies Grant Writer Jerrod A. Laber recently wrote an opinion piece in the Independent, seemingly criticizing President Donald J. Trump for not immediately withdrawing troops from overseas, despite efforts to do so.

“President Trump has promised repeatedly to end ‘endless wars,’ during both his campaign and his tenure so far in office,” Laber wrote. “Despite this rhetoric, endless -and, frankly, pointless- wars are, sadly, still the American norm.”

While Laber himself never served in the Armed Forces, his uncle served in Vietnam, apparently seeing such horrors that he urged his family to prevent Laber’s father from going. While the war ended before that could become a reality, the sentiment seemingly stuck with the Laber family for generations.

“It’s reasonable to assume he thought there was something wrong about what the US was doing overseas, and wanted to spare his brother the risk of dying in a pointless war.”

In the eyes of Laber, the long-running conflicts all over the world have no meaning whatsoever, and the deaths of US service members are little more than a waste of human life.

“We assume that American soldiers die in defense of our rights and freedoms, as they protect us from existential threats,” he wrote. “We thank veterans for their service and revere the dead as martyrs. By and large, we never dig deep into why they actually fight and die. After all, no grieving mother wants to think her child gave their life for nothing. But in Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan, that’s exactly what’s happening.”

Laber has contributed for multiple publications, including Plantizen, Real Clear Defense, Defense One and the Washington Examiner.

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