Daughters of soldier killed in Ukraine face jail after twerking at his grave

Screenshot from video below

The daughters of a man who was killed while defending Ukraine against the Russian invasion are facing jail time after disrespecting the graves of fallen Ukrainian service members.

The two filmed themselves dancing and twerking by the graves of fallen soldiers and claimed their father would have found it funny.

The two were visiting their father’s grave at the Forest Cemetery in Kyiv on August 24 when they filmed their video.

Their father was killed near Izium, in the eastern Donetsk region while reportedly serving in the 95th Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Within an hour of them posting their video, Ukrainian Police were able to track them down and detain them.

Police in Ukraine said the two unidentified girls will be charged with desecrating a grave, according to the Daily Mail.

“My sister and I apologize,” one of the sisters said. “We honor every fallen soldier for our homeland.”

“We visited the grave of our fallen father, who died near Izium. Unfortunately, it was not very correct to post this kind of video, although we did not intend to defame heroes.”

They claimed it was a misunderstanding as their video was meant to humor their father.

“Our behavior was connected to our understanding of our late father’s perspective on burial customs,” she said, “So we didn’t see anything wrong at the time, but now we regret it.”

The sisters could face up to five years in prison for their video.

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