Daughter of killed Iran general tells US military families their soldiers are going to die

Iran’s supreme leader reportedly wept over the dead body of Iranian general killed by US forces in an airstrike, swearing revenge, and retaliation against the United States.

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei prayed over the coffin of Qassem Soleimani in front of thousands in attendance at the funeral, with Soleimani’s daughter Zeinap making direct threats against the USA.

“The families of US Soldiers in the Middle East will spend their days waiting for the death of their children,” she said, “Crazy Trump, don’t think that everything is over with my father’s martyrdom.”

After being completely torn to pieces by munitions fired from a US attack drone, Soleimani’s body was stuffed into a cardboard box and flown to Iran, taking up a full row of seats on a passenger jet.

In response to the attack, Iran abandoned the remaining limits of the 2015 nuclear deal it never really adhered to, and vowed to retaliate against the USA.

The funeral procession included the burning of US and Israeli flags, with many Iranians acting in a crazed frenzy as their general was taken to the funeral site.

While Soleimani’s body will lie in state in Tehran, he will eventually be buried in his hometown of Kerman.

According to the Daily Mail, Esmail Qaani, who has succeeded Soleimani as commander of the Revolutionary Guard’s Quds Force, claimed that God would avenge Soleimani

“God the almighty has promised to get his revenge, and God is the main avenger. Certainly actions will be taken,” he said.

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