Dancer says she slept with an Army general and his wife but says it was legal

Source: Instagram

An adult entertainer who confessed to filming a sex tape inside of a US Army barracks has now claimed that she had a “swingers” event with an Army brigadier general and his wife.

Cami Strella is known for her online adult content, social media following, and being a top 0.9% earner on OnlyFans.

While Strella recently made headlines for admitting to filming an adult video inside of a US Army barracks, new information from a recently-deleted Instagram post indicates that she is willing to participate in adult events with everyone from enlisted personnel to flag officers.

Posting to Instagram, Strella stated that she not only slept with the general but his wife.

The now-deleted post also indicated that she believed there was no way she would run afoul of the Uniform Code of Military Justice.

“They were swingers,” Strella wrote in a response to a comment. “I slept with her too. UCMJ 134 requires a ‘victim spouse.’ If all parties consented there is no victim. Also, these are not my OCPs. TYFYS. Don’t take life so seriously, y’all.”

It is unknown when the tryst took place, or which general was involved.

Strella was recently praised as a charitable “sex worker” by Military Times author Sarah Sicard, who interviewed Strella in January.

“Many in the military and veteran community who follow me originally found me when a TikTok I posted went viral in November 2020,” she told her. “For Veteran’s Day this past year, I posted two videos, both of which have received a lot of attention.”

“The first video, I offered a free trial to my OnlyFans site for all military and veterans. I anticipated perhaps 200 to 300 people would take up the offer but it ended up bringing in over 3,000 in one day.”

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