Dan Bilzerian says he “hated the military but completed SEAL training”

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“I was so over the whole thing, like to me in my mind, okay I’ve liked check this box. You know I did SEAL training. I finished this. To me it was like okay, I climbed Mount Everest. You know? I’ve done what I came to do.” – Dan Bilzerian

Playboy, cardshark, self-proclaimed “King of Instagram” and trust-fund heir Dan Bilzerian talks about his repeat-experiences of washing out of the US Navy SEAL program- describing how much he hated the military and how he was “brainwashed.”

Four-year Navy veteran Dan Bilzerian attempted Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL training several times – BUDS classes 229, 238, and 239- before finally being administratively dropped for a “safety violation on the shooting range”

In an interview with journalist Graham Bensinger last month, Bilzerian talked about sustaining fractures to his legs in his first class.

“I was supposed to let my legs heal,” he said, recalling being re-assigned back to regular duty after finishing the infamous “Hell Week.”

“Because they didn’t let my legs heal, when I went to Okinawa, I got off the boat and went into medical and I asked them to look at my legs.”

He then claims he ran two miles to aggravate the injuries,

“I ran for like, two miles and just destroyed them even more,” he said. “Just because I was just so sick of the f*cking military.”

When Bilzerian was offered a way out of service as a disabled veteran, not all was well. Unfortunately, he recalled, his legs healed in the extensive processing time it took to get him a discharge and he decided to give the SEAL program another go.

When his commanding officer asked him if such a decision was wise, he claimed he was so “brainwashed” that he failed to see the humor in it at the time.

For Bilzerian, he doesn’t like being told he didn’t serve.

“I did 510 days of SEAL training, I finished the whole program twice,” he said.

“I was two days to graduation,” he said. “I did the whole thing and I did the whole thing two times.”

According to SOFREP, an investigation revealed that Bilzerian was in fact “in BUD/S 229, 238, and 239 before being dropped from training with class 239 for a safety violation on the shooting range.”

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