Dan Bilzerian registers for military service after being granted Armenian citizenship

The self-described “King of Instagram” who washed out of the Navy SEALs’ BUDS training and made a fool of himself by trying to commandeer a police officer’s carbine during the Las Vegas shooting is now cashing in his US passport for an Armenian one- which requires joining the Armenian military.

Dan Bilzerian was granted Armenian citizenship alongside his brother, Adam, and have already been issued passports, according to Mnatsakan Bichakhchyan, Head of the Passport and Visa Department of the Armenian Police.

“Dan and Adam Bilzerian have just participated in an oath ceremony on the occasion of receiving Armenian citizenship,” Head of the Passport and Visa Department of the Armenian Police Mnatsakan Bichakhchyan said in a Facebook post shared by the Public Radio of Armenia.

The Bilzerian brothers are of at least third-generation Armenian descent, and their father -who was born in the United States- served in the Vietnam War, earning a Bronze Star and other awards for his time in combat.

Dan previously attempted to join the US Navy SEALs, but did not complete training. His brother, Adam, wanted to join the US Army Special Forces, but abandoned this career path after the federal government -on suspicion of market manipulation charges against his father- raided the family home, imprisoned his father and would not allow him to attend Adam’s graduation.

“It’s killing me,” Adam told the St.Petersburg Times in 2001. “How can you go in and fight for your country when this is what they’re doing to him?”

It is unknown if the Bilzerian brothers will actually serve in the Armenian forces, as the fine for not doing so is only around $7459- chump change for the well-to-do lads of fortune.

“Citizens of the Republic of Armenia that have dual citizenship must participate in the defence of Homeland, by reporting at the location prescribed by the draft entering into military service on voluntary contractual basis,” according an Armenian government website discussing the matter. “If you failed to implement your obligations then a criminal case is instituted in Armenia and you are wanted under the Armenian legislation.”

Given Dan Bilzerian’s love of firearms, it’s quite likely that he will serve in some capacity, as firearms regulation is relatively tight in the Eurasian country.

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