Dallas area bar turns away veteran with service dog

Adair's Saloon Photo credit: Google Maps

By Brett Gillin

A Dallas area bar is in the news for reasons that they certainly don’t like. Adair’s Saloon made waves when a United States Armed Forces veteran tried to enter the establishment with his service dog. When he was turned away and sent back onto the streets, public outrage spread like wildfire on the internet, thanks not only to the rude service the veteran received, but also the laws that were violated in refusing him service.

Brandon Jones is a veteran of the U.S. Army who left the armed forces about 3 years ago. After completing his military service, Jones suffered a severe accident that left him with a traumatic brain injury, according to this story on CBS Dallas. This injury left Jones partially blind and deaf. It also means that Jones has a hard time balancing.

While Jones continues his rehabilitation to this day, he has also found a huge level of support thanks to a service dog. Two years ago, Jones was paired with Woody, a pit bull tasked with helping Jones in his day to day life.

Thanks to Woody’s assistance, Jones is able to independently wade through large crowds and through the busy sidewalks of downtown Dallas. And as Jones told CBS Dallas, the pair have been operating without incident in public for years now. There has never been an issue, be it at a restaurant, bar, or hotel with Woody.

That all changed last week, when Jones and Woody walked into Adair’s Saloon. According to Jones, when he and Woody set foot into the bar, they were immediately greeted by the bartender. The bartender told the pair that they could not enter the bar and would have to leave.

Jones explained to the bartender that Woody was a service dog, and he produced paperwork to prove his claim was true. Although Woody’s collar clearly identifies him as a service dog, and the paperwork was in order, the bartender insisted that Adair’s Saloon has a strict ‘no pets’ policy, and that even with the paperwork, they could not enter the bar.

“She said it didn’t matter. I said yes ma’am; it does matter. It’s the law,” Jones told reporters.

Jones is 100% correct. According to the Americans with Disabilities Act, establishments like bars, restaurants, hotels, taxis, and a myriad of other public places, are required to allow people with disabilities and their service animals into their establishments.

When the owner of the bar caught word of the way Jones was dismissed from the bar, he immediately went to CBS Dallas to explain that it was a simple misunderstanding. One that certainly won’t happen again. He told reporters that he will do a better job training his staff on the Americans With Disabilities Act, while inviting Jones, Woody, and their friends back for some food and drinks on the house.


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