Dad pranks his daughter after she returns from Air Force boot camp

Screenshot from video below

A family prank involving a recently-graduated Airman has gone viral, and it may bring back memories for those who have done their time.

The video, which first made its rounds last month on Facebook and Instagram, shows a young woman sleeping on a couch alongside a young man.

The woman in question is the daughter of the individual holding the camera phone, who thought it would be a good idea to play a joke on someone who had just come home after 8 1/2 weeks of basic training.

Playing “reveille,” the family erupts in laughter as the young woman (called “LiLi” by the mother) snaps awake as if she missed her cue and was back in the barracks.

The video recently began making a comeback on Reddit, where it has been upvoted 2,700 times.

Many on Reddit felt the young woman’s pain.

“You know what’s worse? That deep gut-wrenching feeling along with a giant heart rate spike when you reach for your weapon and it’s not there,” Jester471 replied. “Then a second later you realize you’re not deployed anymore. That one lasted weeks.”

“Every once in a while, I mean like maybe once or twice a year, I’ll walk outside and feel panicked for half a second because I don’t have a cover on,” GuiltyGlow added. “I’ve been out for 8 years, lol.”

“SO GLAD I’m not the only one that had several heart attacks with that one,” another veteran wrote.

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