Cuck fetish film clip being passed off as soldier being cheated on by obese wife

A video clip of what appears to be an offensive -or hilarious- scene involving a soldier returning from Afghanistan has been making its rounds on the internet.

The original source does not appear to be on social media, as most posters only seem to be using the video as clickbait to promote their other social media channels.

The video clip was posted across YouTube with titles suggesting the video actually portrays a soldier finding his wife committing adultery.

It seems more likely the video clip was taken from some sort of “cuck and fat fetish” adult film.

The video features a cleary not paralyzed and out of regulation uniform “soldier” entering a motel room to find his extremely obese “wife” with her pants around her ankles as a man flees through the window.

If the clip is not actually from a full-featured adult film, the creators could have created it to poke fun at certain negative military stereotypes.

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