Criminals targeting military housing near a Navy base

A recent rash of crimes on base housing in Norfolk, Virginia has some military families on edge.

There have been major concerns of late about crime and the safety of residents at Lincoln Military Housing, near Naval Station Norfolk.

The crimes seem to be getting worse as time goes on… Since the summer, according to some residents,  there’s been a wave of petty thefts and break ins — things stolen out of people’s driveways and tires slashed.

But recently they say the crime wave reached a scary climax.

In the last couple of  weeks things started to escalate.  Since Friday, police had to respond to seven incidents in a  half-mile area, according to WAVY News . Homes have been vandalized, and there were also two assaults, one in which a child was involved.

Not knowing how long it will take for the housing authorities to improve security in the area, some residents have  decided to start walking the streets at night with their dogs.

“It’s gotten to the point in this complex where families don’t want go trick or treating because they are actually afraid to take their children here,” said resident Lauren Hill.

Some of the families in the community have spoken with Lincoln Military Housing to see if they can increase security and start a neighborhood watch.

A statement issued by Lincoln Military Housing said in part, “The safety and security of our residents is one of our top priorities….keep in mind that Lincoln is a property manager, not a law enforcement entity, and there are legal limitations to what we are permitted to do.

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