Criminals stealing service members identities to scam people

Judy Mezzatesta knows not to accept requests from strangers on Facebook. She began receiving a large number of these invitations after her marriage was over.

As reported by KPTV Fox 12 Oregon, Mezzatesta said, “Men contact you on Facebook, I think once you put you’re ‘separated.'”

However, she broke the rules for Army Master Sergeant Troy D Turn whose profile claimed that he was from Ohio like she was.

Mezzatesta said, “He just messaged me back this crazy story how he was in the army and his wife had died. He told me needed money … I think when someone asks you for money, it raises a red flag.”

Mezzatesta then discovered there were a large number of Troy D Turns (and Turners) on Facebook. They all claimed to be Master Sergeants from many locations.

“We just started talking back and forth. Right away (he said) ‘I love you. I want to marry you.’ and I was just like, who is this guy?” said Mezzatesta.

It turned out to be a scam.

There are women from all over the world who have lost their money because they believe they have fallen in love with real men.

FOX 12 contacted the actual Troy D. Turner. He says that he has no idea who is responsible.

Turner said, “I just hate to think how much this person has gotten from using my picture.”

Turner has done his best to stop this scam that uses his name, photos of his children, and lies about his service in the military.

“It’s like going into your house and finding everything has been taken,” Turner added.

A fraud case has been opened by the Stayton Police Department. However, officers state that it probably won’t be solved because all of the accounts are from foreign locations.

For the time being, all that Turner can do is monitor Facebook for other fake accounts that are using his name and then report them to Facebook.

Over the last several years, many victims of this online scam have located the actual Troy D Turner, including Judy Mezzatesta. After the two began communicating, one thing eventually led to another, and now the two individuals are engaged.

Turner said, “As much as I hate this guy, I also got to thank him too for introducing my future wife to me.”


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