Crazed veterans, Libertarians kazoo “**** the Police” in front of Veteran Affairs hospital police

Two veterans with anarcho-libertarian affiliations made fools of themselves in front of VA Police officers standing outside of a New Orleans VA hospital, with one wearing a mask and playing NWA’s “F***k the Police” on a kazoo while the other filmed the debacle.

Coast Guard veteran Jim Fulner has been identified as the man behind the YouTube video titled, “Masked Veteran Kazoos The Police,” which goes about how you’d expect, only worse.

In the short video, Fulner stood in front of VA police, who were blocking the entrance to the VA medical center in New Orleans. Wearing a mask and baseball cap, he danced around while delivering a rendition of “F*** the Police” by NWA.

Fulner and Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson. (Facebook)

Initially, the police were fairly amused at what they were witnessing, but their smiles soon turned to concern once Fulner finished his song and dance and began speaking to them.

“They say that freedom isn’t free,” he said. “But I’ve learned it’s the only thing that ever was. Tyranny is f***ing expensive.”

The video was filmed by and uploaded to the YouTube account of Brian Ellison, a US Army veteran (as well as his wife Michelle) and fellow member of the Libertarian Party. Ellison is currently running for Michigan’s 8th District in the US House of Representatives.

On July 27, a video was uploaded of Ellison delivering a speech, speaking out against law enforcement and the U.S. military during a Memorial Day parade. In the video, he can be seen wearing a “COP BLOCK” shirt.

YouTube video

On August 1, Ellison posted a chilling status to his Facebook.

“I’m planning on driving drunk in Royal Oak tonight,” he wrote, referencing his Michigan community. “Keep your fingers crossed that I don’t get a death sentence.”

It appears that both Fulner and Ellison attended the Libertarian National Convention in New Orleans, which ran from June 30 to July 3.  On July 1st, they went to the VA in an apparent attempt to raise awareness for veteran suicides.

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It is currently unknown why the duo were reportedly not allowed to enter the VA hospital.

The Libertarian Party (not to be confused with libertarian ideals) has become fractured in recent years, partially due to the diversity of their members, which are scattered widely across the political spectrum.

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