Couple used AI to officiate “cheap” wedding before groom shipped off to basic training

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Getting married for the benefits in the military is nothing new nor is making it happen quickly and cheaply, but in 2023, there is a first, an AI wedding.

Artificial intelligence has made headlines again for an unlikely use, one that even it was hesitant to be used for.

Reece Wiench and Deyton Truitt, a young Colorado couple, celebrated their wedding last weekend with the help of Chat GPT.

“Thank you all for joining us today to celebrate the extraordinary love and unity of Reece Wiench and Deyton Truitt,” the chatbot said at the couple’s wedding last month.

The couple planned the wedding in just five days because Truitt was shipping off the basic training and if they married beforehand, the military would pay for Wiench to live with him after graduating.

The idea to use Chat GPT was actually the idea of the bride’s father, Stephen Wiench.

He said it was an “easier and cheaper” officiant, which in Colorado is not necessary to be legally married.

According to CBS Colorado, the bot was hesitant to take part in the ceremony when asked by Wiench.

“It said ‘no’ at first. ‘I can’t do this, I don’t have eyes, I don’t have a body. I can’t officiate at your wedding,'” Wiench said.

But the AI-powered chatbot eventually agreed.

“During the ceremony, I will eloquently express the significance of this historic moment and the limitless possibilities that arise when love and technology intersect,” the bot wrote in its statement that was sent out to the wedding’s 30 guests.

The couple was unaware of what the bot would say at their wedding but they provided it with personal information about them ahead of time.

“We are honored and grateful to each and every one of you here, especially those who have traveled out of state – notably, Kansas,” the chatbot said through a speaker with a robot mask during the wedding.

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The father of the bride was pleased with the outcome, stating, “ChatGPT took something personal to humans like a wedding and enhanced it.”

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