‘Cop Blockers’ harass police at Air Force base, call them “f**k sticks”

Screenshots from video below

“Cop Blockers” or “Police auditors” are those who aim to “hold law enforcement and military accountable” by pushing the limits of what is protected by the law -which often ends up being harassment.

Earlier this month, two of these self-proclaimed constitutional justice heroes, Nasty Nathanial and Johnny Five-O, visited the Los Angeles Air Force Base in El Segundo, California to film the base and its law enforcement.

The two filmers seemingly knew very little about the base, other than the fact it does not have any aircraft, before visiting.

“I think this (Las Angeles AFB) is all like crazy space star wars like sh*t,” said Johnny Five-O as his video begins to record. “I think we are in the city of El Segundo, not exactly sure.”

After filming the gates of the base and the base’s security systems, a police vehicle exited the base to question the men who were dressed all black fatigues.

“It’s on now,” said Johnny Five-O as the vehicle approached.

One of the officer’s verbal first statements as he exited his patrol indicated that he was familiar with their activity and/or the men themselves.

“Looks like you’re trying to make your little YouTube videos,” he said.

As the other officer attempted to shine his flashlight towards Johnny Five-O’s waistline to check for weapons, the verbal assault against the officers begins.

“Get the f**k out of here,” says Johnny Five-O. “What’s your name and badge number?”

One of the officers explains that they are Federal officers not subject to California code and they are under THREATCON* conditions.

“If you are going to videotape me or whatever; that’s fine; we just need to know what you are doing and why you are here,” the officer politely said.

YouTube video

The verbal assault and condescending language continued to the point where the officers got back in their patrol car and it continued after they left.

“Get back in your car and get back to work…you’re dismissed,” said Johnny Five-O. “You’re tyrants,” said Nasty Nathanial.

After the officers leave, Johnny Five-O seemed to have little material to humiliate the officers with except for pointing out that he did not find one of the officer’s mustache attractive.  So in a last-ditch effort to continue his harassment, he points out their patrol car’s headlights were off.

“Turn on your headlights, you f**k sticks,” he shouted.

* FPCON, the terrorist threat system overseen by the United States Department of Defense, was previously known as THREATCON, until it was renamed in June 2001 due to confusion with United States State Department system of threat assessment.

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