“Convicts in Federal prison eat better:” Soldiers say the Army is getting cheap on them

Source: Reddit

Military food is once again under fire, this time on the “front page of the internet.”

The 299th Brigade Support Battalion is being roasted for its poor service.

“I guess 299BSB is broke as hell, and we still went to NTC,” wrote user u/willsugmar, who sent a picture of a burnt biscuit, scrambled eggs, and a dollop of gravy.

According to the Military Times, others compared the food to prison food.

“Convicts in Federal prison eat better then that,” wrote user Florida_man727.

“Prison or DFAC?” diopsideINcalcite chimed in. “Because DFAC can get rough when you’re fighting over French toast. Dudes get shanked routinely.”

Many -including lawmakers- expressed their dismay at how enlisted personnel have part of their pay taken out to furnish meals.

“After many broken promises the system is still largely the same, with evidence showing that service members on meal cards are eating less than half the meals they are entitled to and for which they are charged,” Rep. Tim Ryan, D-Ohio, said in a statement.

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