Convict Bradley Manning believes his opinion matters, criticizes Obama after he frees him

Chelsea Manning criticized Obama in his first column since having his sentence commutated by Obama.
Chelsea Manning criticized Obama in his first column since having his sentence commutated by Obama.
Chelsea Manning criticized Obama in his first column since having his sentence commutated by Obama.

Chelsea (formerly known as Bradley) Manning says Obama did little to advance his hope and change campaign promise, while refusing to acknowledge that the former president commuted her 35-year sentence.

Manning, who was sentenced to 35 years in prison for leaking hundreds of thousands of classified documents and state cables, had her sentence reduced to seven years by Obama in one of his final acts in the Oval Office. She is set to leave Fort Leavenworth in Kansas this May.

In an editorial published by the Guardian, Manning writes, “Barack Obama left behind hints of a progressive legacy. Unfortunately, despite his faith in our system and his positive track record on many issues over the last eight years, there have been very few permanent accomplishments.”

“This vulnerable legacy should remind us that what we really need is a strong and unapologetic progressive to lead us. What we need as well is a relentless grassroots movement to hold that leadership accountable,” he wrote.

In the article the Guardian subtitles as her first column since her commutation, she writes that Barack Obama’s legacy is a warning against not being bold enough.

Manning, who is nothing more than a traitor, paints herself as a victim, but it appears she’s more likened to a selfish, narcissistic human being than a protagonist.

Manning’s self-righteousness, and less than grateful narrative, doesn’t sit well with the new president. In an early morning tweet, President Trump calls it as he sees it.

“Ungrateful TRAITOR Chelsea Manning, who should never have been released from prison, is now calling President Obama a weak leader,” Trump said in a Thursday morning tweet. “Terrible!”

Manning’s position Obama is probably not the only thing that set off the Commander-in-Chief, who by law cannot revoke Obama’s commutation.

In the column, Manning writes, “Now, after eight years of attempted compromise and relentless disrespect in return, we are moving into darker times. Healthcare will change for the worse, especially for those of us in need. Criminalization will expand, with bigger prisons filled with penalized bodies – poor, black, brown, queer and trans people. People will probably be targeted because of their religion. Queer and trans people expect to have their rights infringed upon.”

Manning, a person who clearly has no grasp of sacrifice, honor … or reality for that matter … feels she’s in a position of trusted counsel and reflects back on where she believes Obama went wrong.

“We need someone who is unafraid to be criticized, since you will inevitably be criticized. We need someone willing to face all of the vitriol, hatred and dogged determination of those opposed to us. Our opponents will not support us nor will they stop thwarting the march toward a just system that gives people a fighting chance to live. Our lives are at risk – especially for immigrants, Muslim people and black people.”

Manning appears to be completely unaware that America is speaking out against her false narrative. She is clearly oblivious to the fact the voters have spoken, and the left-wing narrative coming from her and a majority of Hollywood elite carry no weight whatsoever. The narrative they claim to push is in direct opposition to the way they act.

Manning, a beneficiary of free hormone treatments by the Army with taxpayer dollars and who has also been allowed to wear women’s clothing in prison, writes, “We need to stop asking them to give us our rights. We need to stop hoping that our systems will right themselves. We need to actually take the reins of government and fix our institutions. We need to save lives by making change at every level,” she concludes.

She’s right … and that’s exactly what America did on Nov. 8, 2016.

Manning appears to have more amenities than most prisoners. We’re not sure how she’s able to write stories for the Guardian, or how she has access to social media, but if you’d like to reach out to Manning, she can be reached via twitter @xychelsea.

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