Contractor who divulged military secrets assaulted by rapist in detention center

HONOLULU — A man found not guilty by reason of insanity of trying to rape a woman in an airplane bathroom later beat up an inmate convicted of divulging military secrets.

The Japan-bound plane had to return to Honolulu because of the 2014 attack. Soon after arriving at Honolulu Federal Detention Center, Michael Tanouye was put in the same cell as , a former civilian defense contractor who gave classified information to his Chinese girlfriend.

According to ABC, “The facility knew or should have known what occurred on the plane and that (Tanouye) was mentally unstable,” Bishop’s attorney, Joseph Rosenbaum, said Thursday. Bishop, scheduled to be released in 2020 from a low-security federal correctional facility in Pennsylvania, is pursuing legal action for the 2014 assault, Rosenbaum said.

Wednesday’s verdict also applies to the assault against Bishop, identified in court papers only as B.B.

Bishop’s attorney, Joseph Rosenbaum, says prison officials should have known Tanouye was prone to violence and that the two men shouldn’t have been in the same cell.

According to Rosenbaum the beating did not stop until Bishop promised not to push the cell’s panic button.  Rosebaum also said that Tanouye told Bishop he was beating him because he believed he was the devil.

Detention center spokesman Jeffrey Greene declined to comment Thursday.

Popular Military author Michael Swaney contributed to this report


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