Communists initiate “Flag Burning Challenge” by burning flags in front of Trump Tower

Dozens of communist protesters gathered outside Trump International Tower in New York in response to President-elect Donald Trump’s tweet about flag burners.

Trump tweeted on Tuesday that those who burn the flag should face consequences such as the loss of their citizenship or even spending a ‘year in jail’.

While the protesters could have made the argument that Trump’s statements directly conflict with the Supreme Courts ruling that stated flag burning is protected under the first amendment, they took a political route -which likely hindered any support they could have received from constitutionalists.

“This morning tweeted that he wants to make it a crime and lock people up for burning the American flag -the symbol of of oppression, the symbol of slavery and genocide. The American flag stands for plunder and death squads in Guatemala. It stands for police murder of black and brown people. This flag stands for genocide of native people and the assault on Standing Rock. This flag deserves to burn,” proclaimed the group’s spokesperson, Sunsara Tayor.

As her fellow members of the Revolutionary Communist Party began to ignite the flags, she screamed “America was never great.”

Tayor posted a video of the flag burning to Twitter, saying “the flag burning that kicked off the #FlagBurningChallenge” and it seemed to be well received by other revolutionist anti-american socialists.

A twitter user by the name of Delo Taylor, who describes himself as a revolutionary socialist of the “Black Liberation Movement,” re-tweeted the video with the message “I’m so here for this” with the hashtag “Burn that rag.”

Burning the US flag was protected by the Constitution after it was deemed an act of free speech guaranteed by the 1989 Supreme Court case Texas v Johnson.

Many who disagree with their message have pointed out on social media the irony of burning the US flag in the name oppression as the flag represents the Constitution, which protects the freedom to do so.

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