Command Sergeant Major goes mental on navy cadets in front of Army generals

It is very rare that the Army produces a video with the intention of being humorous that we would “approve” of as entertaining.

But this time, they hit the nail on the head.   “Lead From the Front” was released earlier this month as a promotional video for the Army-Navy football game but chances are high that you never saw it.

Since being posted to YouTube, it has only racked up around 2,000 views. Considering the past years “lackluster” Army videos, made in response to the much better produced Navy videos, it is not much of a surprise nobody spent the time to watch it.

Whether or not you saw the video before the game or not, the Army must have done something right because they took home the “W” so now it’s time to circle back to appreciate this great production.

Oh, and yes, a command sergeant major does lose his shit on some nerdy Navy cadets!

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