Command Sergeant Major assaults soldier outside Fort Campbell during road rage incident

A white-knighting Command Sergeant Major in the Fort Campbell area is becoming internet-famous after he assaulted a driver during a multi-vehicle road rage dispute.

The high-visibility jacket-wearing CSM was filmed as he confronted a younger man in a vehicle, who allegedly nearly caused an accident.

The driver -believed to be Ethan Allison- was verbally accosted by both the Command Sergeant Major and a woman, the latter of which threatened to get her “four-five” (.45 caliber handgun) out of the car.

Ethan Allison (Facebook)

Taking things up a notch, the CSM threw his rank at the problem.

“I took your tag number,” he said, flipping his wallet out like an FBI agent on TV. “If I find out.. You’re in the Army..Command Sergeant Major.”

“Oh, congratu-f***ing-lations,” Allison quipped.

“F*** you, you little bastard,” the CSM retorted.

After telling the CSM to leave, the NCO warned the Allison not to get him angry.

“What the f*** you gonna do?” the driver asked.

It was then that the CSM unleashed his mighty fury, striking Allison with the amount of force generally reserved for when little old ladies hit people with purses.

Having had quite enough and ignoring the protests of his passenger (who was filming) one man got out of his vehicle and told the CSM to cool it before he ruined his own life over a traffic incident.

“Brother, you just assaulted a motherf***er in the middle of the street,” he said. “Best thing you can do is get gone.”

The CSM then looked at the woman filming the incident with a bewildered “deer in the headlights” look, and attempted to justify his actions.

“Brother, don’t do this in the intersection,” the mediator said before his wife gave him forceful instructions to return to the vehicle.

After the mediator returned to the vehicle, the woman gave Allison the footage, which was later posted to Facebook.

“Welcome to Fort Campbell,” he wrote. “Where CSM’s assault people at intersections.”

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