Combat veteran discovers dead body in trunk of car, reminding him of the “stench of death”

The discovery of a dead man in a car created quite the stir for a quiet Las Vegas neighborhood and one combat veteran, who thought he left the war behind long ago.

On Wednesday morning, residents of the Southern Heights neighborhood of Las Vegas noticed a foul odor coming from a car that had been parked for a week.

Bob Zinn, a Vietnam War veteran, followed the foul odor to the trunk of a Toyota Corolla –where police discovered the body of a white male.

Zinn told NBC3 News, he thought he left the stench of death memories on the battlefield.

“If you go to the city dump on a very…very hot day…and get real close… worse than that. I said OK. We stop right there. Don’t touch anything. Don’t go near it. I contacted Metro,” said Zinn.

According to the local news source, the Toyota was a rental can and had been parked in the neighborhood for at least a week.

Zinn said he was confused to why some of his neighbors, who reported knowing about the smell for days, did not contact the police.

Zinn, a man familiar with death and the horrors of war, said, “I feel bad for the poor soul in that trunk, but it’s just horrible what people do.”

Metro’s Homicide Section has yet to release any information about the incident but Zinn speculates it was a murder.

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