Combat vet takes down man who threatens to kill him after saying “white boy, I know you have money”

Never underestimate who you’re dealing with- especially if they could be part of the one percent who served in the military.

One young man learned this the hard way after confronting a battle-hardened veteran, who was more than happy to shock some sense into the lad.

The wannabe tough guy allegedly approached the veteran while he was in his vehicle and asked him for money. When the veteran turned him down, he allegedly said, “I know you got some money whiteboy.”

This provoked a verbal altercation which led to the young man threatening individuals outside of what appears to be a drug store.

The physical altercation ensued when he threatened to “kill” the veteran.

The veteran put the young man in a control hold and shoved him into the wall, and came close to zapping him with a stun gun.

“You think this is a game?” he asked. “When you say you’re gonna kill somebody, you kill ‘em.”

The thug refused not make eye contact with the man and tried to escape, only to be set in his place.

The veteran explained that he carries a stun gun so that when “motherf***ers” who like to make threats do so, he doesn’t have to “pull out a gun and shoot [them] in the motherf*****g head.”

Eventually, the young man managed to get away, with police sirens approaching in the distance

The incident is believed to have occurred in October 2017.

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