Combat Marine lives in the “Sausage Castle,” house where vets get “serviced” on Veteran’s Day

A US Marine turned “model” has been hanging out at the “Sausage Castle” in Florida, a place known for orally servicing men on Veterans Day.

Rianna Connor Carpenter, a former USMC Sergeant, has over 570,000 Instagram followers and has no problem doffing her gear for a good shot at her assets.

Recently making British Tabloid headlines for a photo in which she is sporting a bondage-themed suit, Carpenter has also found herself a new billet: ex-porn actor Mike Busey’s “Sausage Castle.”

Busey, who is known for his party-loving, gun-toting ways at his mansion in Florida, throws an annual celebration for vets on Veterans Day, complete with free food, music, alcohol and oral sex, courtesy of female volunteers.

Interestingly enough, Carpenter has since joined the ranks of the babes hanging at the castle and enjoyed Busey’s gun collection.

“I fit right in over here,” she wrote next to a photo of her posing with a gold-plated Desert Eagle. “The Combat Barbie is moving into The Sausage Castle.”

Carpenter enlisted at the age of 18 and spent several years in the Corps, leaving as a sergeant.

Prior to returning to civilian life, Carpenter deployed in support of Operation Enduring Freedom.

Dubbed “The Combat Barbie” (not like many other female veterans who model), Carpenter has gained a serious social media following and even has her own calendar.

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