Combat Gun Footage from Apache Helicopter

Multiple clips of guntape, or gun camera video from U.S. Army Apache helicopters in combat over Iraq and Afghanistan.

The AH-64 Apache is a twin engine attack helicopter with a two-man crew. The pilot sits above and behind the co-pilot, and each crew member is capable of flying the helicopter or operating the weapons systems. It is armed with a 30mm M230 Chain Gun mounted under the aircraft and just forward of the main landing gear. The Apache can also launch Hellfire, Hydra, and Stinger missiles. 

Film & Image Credits: SSG Roberto Di Giovine, Dustin Senger, TSgt Matt Hecht, Spc. Erin Dierschow, CWO2 George Chino, SSG Mark Shrewsbury
Derivative Works: Gung Ho Vids

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