Combat Cribs: Bathrooms in Iraq and Afghanistan

If you clog the tube with number 2 a crappy detail is in store for you!

Broom 1

Left a nice sweat ring for you…

broom 4

Nothing says you love your brother more than burning his poo!

broom 5

Sad part about this…there are sick puppies who do this on every FOB in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Broom 6

And if you did not know where the term “Haji Hover” came from, now you do.

Broom 9

“When you got to go, you got to go”


Same dirt-bags who poop in the shower

Broom 7

Bad part about MRE’s is the way they come out. Good part is the box makes for a good “sh*tter.”

Broom 10

Hmmm…but the steaming pile of you know what won’t get you sick?

Broom 8

If you had one of these high speed contraptions, you were living the high life!

broom 2

Enter at your own risk…

Military Contractors

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