Coastie jumps on moving drug runner submarine and starts beating it with fists

While the US Coast Guard gets a lot of flak from other branches of the military (since they now fall under the Department of Homeland Security and not the Department of Defense), there is no question that they have some of the most dangerous jobs around.

From high-seas rescues to high-stakes interception of cartel vessels, the USCG has an incredibly diverse and intense mission that deserves recognition.

Part of the USCG’s elite Deployable Operations Group (DOG), the Maritime Security Response Team (MSRT) is taked with counter-terrorism, direct action, hostage rescue and advanced interdiction, just to name a few of their many roles. Bearing the Latin motto “Nox Noctis est Nostri” (“The Night is Ours”), the team routinely trains alongside SEALs, EOD, the FBI and other entities.

One very specific job that the MSRTs take on is the interception and boarding of cartel narco-submarines, custom-made submersibles that generally ferry several tons of cocaine into the US via the Gulf of Mexico.

Such daring raids are often caught on camera, such as one recently carried out by the crew of the USCG Munro, which seized 8 tons of cocaine, making it the largest seizure yet.

In the footage, raid teams can be seen ordering the submersible to stop before leaping aboard and opening the hatch, demanding the operator’s surrender.

To honor the crew of the Munro, the USCG reports that Vice President Mike Pence will welcome them back later this afternoon as they return to port in San Diego, California.

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