Coast Guardsman asked “Hey infantry, what do you do all day?” and the responses were epic

It takes a unique kind of person to be in combat specific jobs. From the long hours and dangerous deployments to the mind-numbingly nonsensical peacetime duties they are forced to carry out in lieu of nothing better to do, the job is a bizarre juxtaposition of boredom and terror that only a select few can truly understand.

That said, some people who have been bitten by curiosity will always ask- and the answers are often hilarious.

One Coast Guard member (under the handle “rvaducks”) asked such a question on Reddit, in a thread titled “Hey infantry, what do you do all day?”.

“I’m Coast Guard and therefore have an extremely limited idea of what other services do day to day, especially combat specific jobs,” rvaducks said. “So when you’re not deployed or at a school, what are you doing? What does an average day look like?”

Here are but a few of the funny, clever and even downright irreverent responses from combat troops:

“The same thing we do every day, Coastie; try to take over the world battalion PX.” – SpankWhoWithWhatNow, USMC veteran

“11 Bravo – Sanitation Engineering/Landscape Architect/Dick Artist.”– PinappleGrenade, United States Army

“[A] lot of waiting, lot of battle drills, lot of angry interrogations of joes who don’t know their weapon systems, gym, waiting [and] formation.”– flopus, United States Army

“[You] it in a room full of naked men farting and jacking off.”- Sharkeelol

“Sleeping in my bed space, wanking in my bed space, hiding from doing work in my bed space. Just generally in my bed space.”- Boornidentity, British Army

One soldier made a reference to the less than reputable car dealerships outside of the US Army School of Infantry at Fort Benning, Georgia.

“You forgot the part where you make a reasonable payment on your meticulously maintained car you bought from a reputable buy here, pay here dealership in Columbus, GA that is in no way gouging you on a high interest loan on a total piece of shit.” – cdc194, US Army

“Accountability. PT. Piss tests. Monday motorpool. Layouts. Hip pocket training. Smoke joes. Smoke with joes. Close out. Layouts still. Formation. Repeat”– Docsile, US Army

And finally:

“Inevitably getting hurt and then being soothed into pain-free calming bliss provided by water, motrin, and rubbing dirt on it.” –

How would you describe “grunt life?” Personally, I would refer to it as a daycare full of unwanted, scraped-up and foul-mouthed toddlers who were provided enough weapons, snuff, ammunition and resentment to accomplish any mission- except most of the time you’re sitting in a semicircle until recess.

No matter how you look at it, the “grunt life” is one of the few professions in life where you can proudly say that you exist to “close distance with the enemy and destroy them.” At the end of the day, that is why grunts signed up to be grunts.

And here is a video (the reason you clicked on this story in the first place) that shows exactly what infantrymen do when there is no training slotted for the day.

YouTube video

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