CNN reports 115 lbs female infantry Marines are the same as men

CNN’s Lisa Ling highlighted female Marines in service and reinforced the notion that men and women are equals in combat.

Featured on “This Is Life With Lisa Ling,” the titular journalist followed three women through Marine Combat Training (MCT), and gave a look into how the USMC is attempting to integrate men and women into the same training program.

“These females are here to fight,” Ling said of the recruits.

In the preview to the episode, which airs on Sunday, Ling remarked that there was a lot of testosterone in the MCT program and that the women were up against major odds in a male-dominated field.

“We all wear the same colors,” one recruit said of working with men. “We all do the exact same job.”

One recruit, who was from El Salvador, told the CNN personality that she thinks the little girl she once was would be surprised to see her as a Marine, stating that she would be “proud.”

As of 2016, women made up 8% of the United States Marine Corps.

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