CNN reporter confused when story doesn’t follow a fake news narrative

A CNN reporter seems confused that “life goes on” in a warzone, showing just how out-of-touch many journalists are when it comes to covering conflict.

CNN International correspondent Frederik Pleitgen -son of German journalist Fritz Pleitgen- found himself rather perplexed by the concept of civilian life continuing while reporting on the ground in Syria, a country where people -who have now been in a warzone for over seven years- continue to try and live their lives.

From shopping to nightclubs and beach scenes, some parts of the country continue to operate as they would anywhere else in the world, albeit with a few twists.

“We are tired from the war, Okay?” one Syrian told Pleitgen. “We want to live our life, that’s all. That’s the best thing.”

“This CNN reporter has been visiting Syria for 17 years and does not seem too happy with what he is seeing…CNN tried to destroy us and living a normal life is too surreal for this reporter,” said a someone who alleges to be a Syrian soldier.

While some cities -such as Aleppo and Raqqa- continue to resemble the warzones that the west pictures in its collective mind, combat zones aren’t so simple.

Such an example of this bizarre duality is Esraa A., a Baghdad native who was in Iraq’s capital of Baghdad during the Iraq War.

“This is normal, to try and live during a war,” said Esraa. “There was always [some] danger, but that is war. I went shopping, I ate at restaurants, I had ice cream.”

For Esraa, the reporter’s befuddlement came across as someone who couldn’t appreciate how resilient humans are.

“The reporter, maybe he doesn’t understand,” she said. “People, especially the Iraqi people, we can endure anything and always can find a way. Iraqi Army, American Army, the [insurgents], they come and go. But life, life stays.”

“I lived in America for a time during the end of the war,” she added. “It’s beautiful, but my family came back to Iraq, even if there is danger. You cannot replace home. You have to live where your heart is.”

From Syria to Iraq, Afghanistan, the Ukraine and other places, there is conflict. For the people who live there, like Esraa, there is only home- and the drive to continue living there as best as one can.

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