Civilians won’t understand what this best man is doing but airborne soldiers will

A US Army Sergeant undergoes a time-honored ritual with his best man before his wedding- one that only an special few will truly understand.

82nd Airborne Division Sergeant Patrick Brown of the 1st Brigade Combat Team was given a proper Jumpmaster Personnel Inspection (JMPI) by his best man prior to taking the biggest leap of his life, a poignant act of symbolism representing the trust and care that paratroopers have for one another.

While there was no parachute or harness in sight, the best man conducted his inspection with great care, ensuring that Brown had no deficiencies with his combat formalwear.

The JMPI is designed to ensure that all paratroopers take their -literal- leap of faith with functional and proper equipment, right down to the smallest details (such as fit and wear).

While these valuable skills are taught at the elite United States Army Jumpmaster School, checking each other’s equipment is a basic core principle taught to every paratrooper. Generally, the paratroopers will check each other prior to boarding the aircraft and once again before exiting.

Because of this, there is an immense amount of trust between airborne troops, for one’s life hangs in the hands of their comrades before they ever (literally) set foot on a battlefield.

The video was featured on the Do You Even Jump? Facebook page, which is an online hangout for paratroopers.

From the look of it, Sergeant Brown was in good hands and will (hopefully) have a smooth and fulfilling marriage. Congratulations, Sergeant Brown!

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