Civilian troll walks up to an Army infantry battalion looking to pick a fight

Screenshot from video below

A man claiming to be conducting an audit to ensure a government area does not attempt to infringe on his 1st Amendment rights, ends up trying to entice an Army National Guard soldier into a fight instead.

While he conducts himself mostly within the law, he seems to be a person with an inferiority complex using the law to test the patience of those he finds physically superior to him.

The man, who is only identified by his “South Valley News” YouTube channel, walked directly into the company area of Alpha Company, 1-184 Light Infantry Battalion of the California National Guard.

Dressed as some sort of vigilante, in his own set of fatigues, but only armed with his camera and condescending language, he filmed the company building and inside the windows of the building (removed from footage because he was likely trespassing).

While his video suggests he did nothing to provoke the infantry soldiers before they exited the building to confront him, others have suggested he edited out the footage of him enticing soldiers by filming through the windows of the building.

The “auditor” is protected under the 1st Amendment of the Consitution as long as he is filming the military installation from a public area.  While he never penetrates the fenced perimeter of the 1-184 battalion area he was “auditing,” it is not clear whether he was beyond the official line of where public property becomes California state property.

Either way, the “auditor” was clearly looking to entice a soldier to “fail” his audit so he could obtain controversial YouTube material under the guise of being a “Constitution defender.”

“The videographer did not go in any area that was marked as restricted,” a fellow auditor said in praise of the incident. “When I was in the air force we ridiculed the army because the manuals were cartoons. This is an infantry unit, which means they take want the dumbest of the dumb. Your boy lived up to that by his behavior.”

It seems likely that a majority of the “auditors” find more enjoyment from attempting to humiliate those they feel inferior to than they do from defending the Constitution. If they were true to their mission they would conduct themselves in a respectful manner while educating those around them of their purpose.

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