Chinese troops play ‘hot potato’ with explosives during bizarre Hong Kong-oriented exercises

When it comes to “dog and pony shows”, the People’s Liberation Army really stands out.

The video dates back to around 2012, when PLA troops conducted “show of force” exercises geared towards the semi-independent Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (SAR).

The exercises depict snipers shooting targets- releasing a series of banners that ominously read “Hong Kong Will Be Better”.The marksmanship event was followed by a blistering display of anti-tank weapons, heavy machine guns and various small arms- all to the golf-like applause of military and political figures.

“Today i saw not only our new armament equipment, but also the innovative new weapons being employed by brave soldiers,” said Donald Tsang, bow-tied former Chief Executive of Hong Kong.
“I can see very clearly how the motherland will “take care of” (contextually, this phrase would mean protect, but can also indicate suppression) the protection of Hong Kong. I am assured.”

On a related note, Tsang was charged two counts of misconduct in public office on 5 Oct 2015 by the Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC).

In addition to the weapons displays, motorcycle show and obligatory “fire hoop” jumping that seems to be quite popular with the PLA, there was a most curious event- a “hot potato” game of sorts, involving a 6-man fire team of soldiers, a hole and an explosive charge.

Standing in a circle around the hole, the six soldiers pass the armed explosive charge around, tossing it into the hole as the fuse runs short and leaping in unison to protect themselves from the blast.

When shown the video by Popular Military, Hong Kong military enthusiasts dismissed the video, calling it “mainland propaganda that nobody in Hong Kong watches”.

Don’t feel bad, China. At least we watched it.

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