Chinese soldier being called ‘prettiest bodyguard’ after being spotted working at G20

(Photo credit: People's Liberation Army)

A female First Lieutenant of the People’s Liberation Army is being hailed as the “prettiest bodyguard” after performing protective service duties at the G20 summit.

According to the Daily Mail, the internet has identified the G20 darling as 1st Lieutenant Shu Xin of the People’s Liberation Army Ground Forces, who was tasked with guarding the vehicle used by Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi during the summit.

Shu is reported to have been born in the 1990s, though not much information could be collected on her.

Shu recently picked up notoriety after the Chinese government media outlet Xinhua News Agency released a photo of her working in an article titled “Who is the most powerful bodyguard for leaders at G20.”

However, this isn’t the first time Shu has taken the spotlight for her looks. In 2013, she was named as one of the top ten most beautiful PLA soldiers.

Shu Xin

Commenters online praised the junior officer, with one user commenting on how “she looks great even without makeup” and another saying that marrying her would “make sure you get home safely at night.”

Highlighting attractive military members is nothing new to the PLA, who often showcase their best, brightest and most aesthetically pleasing soldiers when placed in the international spotlight.

According to Chinese state media, Shu loves singing and dancing in her spare time, even winning a second place award in a singing contest.

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