Chinese man arrested for selling ‘knock-off’ eye protection to military and police

Chinese man arrested for selling ‘knock-off’ eye protection to military and police

Revision Desert Locust Goggles (left) and Daniel Gong just before being arrested at a Colorado trade show (right).

A Chinese business man has been arrested by the Denver Police Department after a sting operation uncovered the man was selling inferior products used by the US military and police officers.

Daniel Gong was caught at a Colorado trade show after the Denver PD’s fugitive team successfully identified him.

Gong is accused of selling “knock-off’ Revision Locust Military Goggle systems that are being manufactured in China.

The actual Revision eyewear are manufactured in a 52,000 square foot facility in Essex Junction, Vermont.

Revision boasts, “In the age of outsourcing, Revision is insourcing—bringing its mission critical lens manufacturing capability in house.”

In addition to having military and government contracts they also offer a 30% discount to military and law enforcement personnel who purchase their eyewear products independently.

According to news3lv, the sting operation used an undercover company set up by Dearborn County, Indiana prosecutor, Aaron Negangard and an Indianapolis private investigator to order and test the fake Revision googles.

The investigation determined that the goggles did not meet a single standard for ballistic quality.

Negangard said, “One thing that bothers us is they’re putting people who protect us in jeopardy while selling an inferior product.”

Gong and his company co-owners are charged with six felonies which include counterfeiting, corrupt business practices and theft.

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