Command Master Sergeant goes on “freestyle preacher” rant during promotion but its oddly inspiring

A US Air Force Command Master Sergeant went full “freestyle preacher” at his promotion ceremony, breaking out in a bizarre but oddly-inspiring slam poem to recount his road of advancement.

Command Master Sergeant James Worrell Jr. addressed an audience in poetic style sometime around early September, talking about how he never imagined he would ever be in such a position.

“155-pound Airman Basic over 20 years ago,” he began. “‘He would be a chief,’- I would have laughed in their face.”

He recounted his time as a “kid from the block,” expressing his humility in having reached his rank, despite hardship, opposition and, apparently, racism.

“I’ve experienced thing that were unfair that others have not, even though times have changed the hate remains with the plot,” he rhymed. “So I’ve gotten all kinds of looks from everybody- in their eyes, I’m a nobody, and a little racism and hatred is too much for anybody.”

Despite adversity, Worrell wouldn’t have changed anything.

“This is more than just a job, this is our profession,” he said. “The freedom of our country is not an expression, it’s an obsession. We willingly give our lives without question, that’s why I promise you all I can for you, ‘cause you are my succession.”

Worrell’s YouTube page shows he has an affinity for inspirational videos, which may have been where he drew some of the inspiration.

The video was posted by Worrell’s sister, Miracle Worrell, and has received some positive comments.

“Great speech, Chief Worrell!” Joshua Ortiz-Mendoza wrote. “I can see you haven’t changed a bit and still have the excellent personality you’ve always had, in addition to the hard work you always do.”

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