“Chewbacca” tells USAF police to “mop the floor…you’re wearing my uniform”

A “First Amendment auditor” and his onesie-wearing friend were detained at Edwards Air Force Base in California, after they harassed the local Security Forces (Air Force police) and told them to “go mop a floor.”

The cameraman and his Chewbacca onesie-wearing partner (identified as “Johnny 5.0,” AKA “John Olsen” and Monkey 83,” AKA “Kyle”) just released the footage of them exploring the air park around the desert base on June 11, 2018, when they were approached by a Security Forces K-9 unit.

The Airmen informed the men that they cannot film certain areas of the air park, and naturally, the two auditors disagreed.

When Security Forces Sergeant Stolp asked for IDs, the men claimed they didn’t have any, and then asked if the “Thin Blue Line” flag patch -which they identified as a “gang symbol”- on the the USAF sergeant’s chest was within regulation.

Soon, other Security Forces officers arrive, and the two men become more belligerent, telling one Airman to order SGT Stolp to clean up a spilled soda at the commissary.

After a short while, the two auditors are aggressive enough to warrant a detention, which lasted for several hours. During the initial cuffing and pat-downs, the man in the Chewbacca suit began to resist, and was held in place.

Fighting even while in handcuffs, the man insisted it was his right to resist an unlawful detainment.

The cameraman was eventually taken to the hospital, claiming he had “heart palpitations.” The man in the Chewbacca suit -who reportedly was wounded overseas when he was in the military- was detained for several hours.

The original video was posted to the “johnny five o” YouTube Channel. Popular Military edited the video for length and removed the anti-police imagery.

Charges were allegedly dropped against the pair.

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