Check out this soldier’s wife, she’s definitely not a “dependa”

For many in the Army, the term “dependa” conjures up images of an overweight Army wife with three kids hanging off her midsection as she lazily smokes a cigarette with a thousand-yard stare.

However, many Army spouses are bucking this trend, including one who took on the stereotype by embracing fitness, even after having a child.

In 2012, Sara Garavuso married her husband, Michael, who at the time was a Private First Class in the US Army.

Despite weight gain from pregnancy and stress (two things quite common in married life), Sara stuck with a fitness regimen alongside her husband.

“We have grown so much as individuals but most importantly as a couple,” she wrote in an Instagram post in July.

Together with her so-called “swollmate,” Sara said the road wasn’t always easy, particularly when it came to lifestyle changes.

“Habits were changed and we learned how to help and push one another to reach our goals,” she added.

When the Garavusos aren’t traveling or showing off their exploits on social media, they’re training hard in the gym and eating the right foods… though there are always exceptions to the rule.

In one photo, Sara was seen seated with a box of doughnuts, referring to the occasion as a “doughnuts and deadlifts” kind of day.

Whatever the future holds for the Garavusos, one thing is for certain- they’ll probably look good doing it.

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