Canada responds to video of paratrooper drinking beer during a jump

The Canadian Army is under a magnifying glass after one of their soldiers filmed himself drinking a light beer while parachuting.

The unnamed soldier made waves on TikTok due to the video, which shows him cracking a beer open and taking a sip as he descends over water.

“The government,” he said in a lamenting tone, shaking his head.

The soldier was reportedly assigned to a Quebec-based Royal 22nd Regiment at the time.

“The conduct of the soldier is completely inappropriate, unsafe and not in accordance with Canadian Army safety static line parachute procedures,” Canadian National Defense spokesman Dan Le Bouthillier said.

According to the Ottawa Citizen, an investigation was launched.

“The soldier in the video is no longer serving, having left the Canadian Forces on Sept. 1,” Le Bouthillier added.

Despite the soldier’s departure, he’s not out of the woods.

“It is important to note that the code of service discipline still applies to retired members for breaches that occurred while serving,” Le Bouthillier said.

The Canadian military is not making his name public at this time.

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