Californians mistake US Navy SEALs for Mexican Navy

US Navy special operations vessels spotted in Dana Point Harbor (Credit: Kathy Veta- via Facebook)

Californians in Dana Point mistakenly identified US Navy SEAL fast boats zooming through their harbor as vessels of the Mexican Navy.

The sightings began last month, when Dana Point Harbor residents noticed the stealthy vessels moving about the harbor. Almost immediately, speculations on the origin of the boats arose, ranging from the Mexican Navy to the Department of Homeland Security running anti-illegal immigration operations off the coast of a state known for being particularly protective of its illegal immigrant population.

On August 1, author of the Log boating and fishing magazine Parimal M. Rohit claimed the vessels “were indeed part of the Mexico Navy fleet, as a few people on the internet guessed.”

“These boats might have been moving around out in the open for all to see, but no one really knows why these vessels were visiting Dana Point Harbor in the first place,” Rohit wrote, with sightings of the vessels continuing well into August.

However, Rohit was incorrect- the stealthy “Mexican Navy” fleet was in fact that of the US Navy SEALs, as confirmed by Orange County Sheriff’s Department Sergeant Rich Himmel.

“This is the second time they stopped in our harbor,” Himmel told the OCRegister. “If the Mexican Navy were in the harbor, we would be informed ahead of time by the Department of Defense or Homeland Security.”

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