California civilian Army base guard baited into open carrying firearm in public

Security members at the US Army Defense Languages Institute in California were harassed by a “free speech auditor” outside of the Presidio of Monterey.

An August 29 video posted by “California Guardian” shows the length auditors will go to in order to film the inside of installations from public areas, going so far as to harass Department of the Army Gate Guards.

Shortly after beginning the audit, CG was approached by a Gate Guard by the name of Jackson, who told him he can’t be filming.

CG argued that he was on public property, claiming that the installation needed to have a blue line of demarcation to specify where military property began and ended.

Jackson listened, occasionally considering keying his radio. However, things escalated when CG told him that he was abandoning his post and illegally carrying his duty sidearm in the city of Monterey.

Eventually tired of listening to CG (or recalled by his superiors) Jackson walked back, allegedly telling CG “shove it up your ass.”

“Did you say ‘Shove it up my ass?’” CG yelled back. “Hey Jackson, I’ll make sure I contact the Department of Defense about your behavior, you piece of sh*t.”

Standing around a little longer, CG was told he couldn’t film on government property by a passing driver, who he quickly dismissed.

After a short time, the installation’s Department of the Army Police called Monterey PD, prompting CG to walk off. Not long after the call was made, an officer arrived.

Monterey Police Officer Richardson

CG then told the officer that he was filming the base, and that every act of terror on a US military installation was perpetrated by military personnel.

When CG refused to identify himself, the officer departed, apparently feeling that it was far too early in the shift to deal with such idiocy.

The full 21-minute encounter can be watched on YouTube.

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