BWW produces sappy Veteran’s Day video but offers no discount for most veterans

The commercial wings chain famous for not playing the national anthem and their no firearm policy towards citizens & police alike has swung -and missed- yet again, this time with a commercial that, while targeted towards veterans, makes absolutely no sense.

Buffalo Wild Wings created a commercial depicting a rank-less soldier getting off a bus -presumably from deployment- and finding his friends waiting for him.

The soldier is then taken to a house where he and his friends watch a sports tournament that had aired six months prior, with the soldier’s friends admitting they waited until he got home to watch it.

The commercial, while touching, makes little sense in terms of advertising for the mass-produced chicken wing powerhouse. The soldier did not go to BWW and seemed traumatized/confused throughout the entire video, much akin to watching Mark Whalberg in one of his movies.

Despite this miss in advertising, the video has accrued 429,000 views and generally positive reactions and comments- except from those who take issue with their stance on the national anthem, firearms or most veterans in the United State who do not qualify for their “Wings for Heroes.”

Buffalo Wild Wings -who is notorious for their stance against the lawful carrying of firearms by private citizens in their establishments- stepped it up a notch in 2013 news when a waitress in Virginia was so traumatized by eight armed police officers that she refused to serve them.

At the time, a BWW spokeswoman told Fox News that law enforcement officers were “always welcome” in their establishments.

Chalking the Virginia incident up as a misunderstanding, the chain still prohibits lawfully-armed citizens from entering in their establishments, fueling the fire for those who refuse to spend money at anti-gun establishments.

Earlier this year, a Mississippi BWW location called out another in California for refusing to play the national anthem on the 16th anniversary of 9/11, with the latter location claiming the song was too controversial.

While BWW has brought back the “Wings for Heroes” offer for Veteran’s day (offering complimentary wings for active duty and retired servicemembers), some veterans took note of the company’s policies and practices.

“Due to BWW’s ‘no concealed weapons’ policy, this veteran will not visit any BWW location, ever,” said Shawn Pachlhofer, a US Army veteran. “But thank you for the offer.”

“Funny how several people including myself has brought up the national anthem issue that occurred at Buffalo Wild Wings in California,” added Glen Kramer of Iowa.  I have yet to see a response from Buffalo Wild Wings regarding the matter on this post.”

One commenter took note that the new promotional offer seemingly only caters to Active Duty and Retired personnel, leaving a lot of veterans out in the cold.

“Only 33% of veterans are retirees. So you’re giving yourselves an atta boy for supporting troops when in actuality you’re telling 16 million of us that we’re not ‘heroes,’” Brandi van Gils wrote. “Thanks for that.”

Despite making a lot of people angry, BWW has had their good moments.  In 2015, a Tacoma BWW establishment overrode a state alcohol purchase restriction, allowing a woman to buy a second beer for her brother- who had been killed in Iraq.

At the end of the day, it is your choice to patronize their restaurant, but know their free wing offer most veterans on Veteran’s Day -many who served overseas multiple times in combat for their nation.

Popular Military reached out to the person in charge of of public relations for  Buffalo Wild Wings’s “Wings for Heroes” but has yet to receive a response.

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