BWW in Mississippi calls out one in California for refusing to play national anthem

Screenshot from Buffalo Wild Wings video below

After customers at a Riverside County, Calif., Buffalo Wild Wings franchise said an employee stopped them from listening to the national anthem on the 16-year anniversary of 9/11, another restaurant from the franchise showed they proudly support the United States and those who serve her.

“According to a report by CBS Los Angeles, the unnamed employee called the national anthem “controversial,” and stopped the song from playing ahead of an NFL game that was being screened at the restaurant.

One customer said the employee cited company policy and said the national anthem was too controversial when asked why they muted the sound of the game during the singing of the anthem.”

Employee accused of muting the National Anthem at Buffalo Wild Wings.

The Buffalo Wild Wings franchise apologized in a statement and said there is no such policy against playing the national anthem but the Hattiesburg, MS location went ever further to remedy the situation.

“We here at Buffalo Wild Wings Hattiesburg support our troops! God Bless America!,” the store stated with a video of one of their servers singing the National Anthem.

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