Burglars ransack soldier’s home, douse residence with gasoline

Security footage taken from the McCray home, which was ransacked and doused with gasoline earlier this month.

The Texas home of a US Army Soldier in the San Antonio area was ransacked and doused in gasoline during a terrifying robbery.

While the burglary itself took place on July 15, footage from the incident was only recently released, showing two masked bandits entering the house at around 11 AM with gasoline and a rope.

“Someone brings in a little rope or something,” said soldier and homeowner James Mccray, the victim of the robbery. “So, it seems like they came in to actually hogtie someone.”

Fortunately for the burglars, McCray and his family were not home during the robbery, though they were astonished to see the entire thing unfold via security footage.

“It’s one thing to break into someone’s home, stealing their property, thinking you’re going to make an extra buck,” said Mccray. “But what was the purpose of the gas?”

While the bandits made off with the family television, it is peace of mind that the McCray family miss most of all.

“The only reason it bothers me is because my family had to be involved in this,” said Mccray. “If it was me, then I’d be fine, I’d move forward. Since my kids are involved, this is my house. This is where they’re supposed to be safe. I can’t even feel safe at my house.”

Two suspects have since been detained by the local authorities in connection with the robbery.

According to News4SA, the family’s insurance covered some of the repair costs, though the McCrays will have to foot some of the bill.

Resiliency, I mean that’s what the Army preaches all the time,” said Mccray. “I try to preach to my family, let’s be resilient. We can move forward you know. We can move forward from this, it’s alright.”

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