British soldier’s corpse found in barracks room after being dead for three weeks

Lance corporal Bernard Mongan (Courtesy photo)

The widow of a British Army soldier who managed to go undetected as he lay dead in his barracks room for over three weeks is criticizing the military for neglecting to look after him- and potentially leading to his death.

Beth Mongan spoke on behalf of Lance corporal Bernard Mongan, 33, who was found dead at Catterick Garrison in North Yorkshire, stating that her husband’s body going undiscovered for nearly a month was nothing short of “outrageous.”

Police, who conducted an investigation, claimed Mongan died around the end of 2019, based on his phone records. He was never listed as AWOL between the time he was last seen and the time his decomposed corpse was discovered in late January.
Interestingly enough, Mongan -an intelligence specialist- was supposed to be moved to another unit a week after he was last seen.

According to the Daily Mail, Mongan’s wife was separated from Lance Corporal Mongan, but they were still close.

Mongan was reportedly bullied for having an Irish accent, the side effect of living in Ireland when he was young. He was attacked by North Irish soldiers on one occasion.

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